About us

Who we are.

PROCESSUM is a private company; founded in 2006 aimed at generating innovative solutions (methodologies and tools) through applied research, geared towards promoting the optimization of institutional management and the development of social sectors policies, specially policies for the health care sector..

PROCESSUM tackles complex problems using a multi-disciplinary approach and statistical, economic and epidemiological tools as well as information technology tools, generating highly efficient solutions at the leading edge of knowledge.


Our line of work

Our services’ and products’ value offers are based on the following three lines of research and development:

Economic research

In the health sector, at least 7 relevant markets interact generating an important variety of relationships and complex transactions.

The market concentration, the contracting models’ incentives, the availability of the information and the regulations are some of the determinants that affect agent performance, market prices and the quality of the services that patients receive.

There is where market and institutional analyses offer valuable information and instruments to guide decision making of pertinent market´s agents and to increase their efficiency.

Health outcomes

Organizational management

Our values

Our work is based on research as a path to generating innovative solutions

Our human talent is our most important asset.

Respect and honesty mark all that we do.

We maintain a commitment to quality.

Social welfare is our ultimate goal.

Institutions entrusted to Processum by our clients: