Research and Consultancy

We understand and know the particularities of the health sector; health as an asset, as a service and as a right.

We understand that the institutions of the sector are required to recuperate and preserve the healthiness of the population, in a scenario of limited resources, rapid technological changes, a complex web of market relations and an increased number of transactions.

Processum has a group of consultants with the expertise to understand the challenges faced by our clients and to generate the solutions that best fit their needs.

Our main work sources

Economic and contractual studies

-Assessment of structure and of market prices
-Institutional and regulatory analysis
-Impact assessments
-Contract assessment, design and monitoring
- Generating payment incentive models

Risk management

- Situation analysis and assessment.
- Actuarial analyses and risk adjustment.
- Design of intervention strategies
- Support in the implementation and appropriation of health risk intervention strategies.